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bed bugs Cleveland OHBed bugs have long been a pest – drawing blood, causing itchy bites and irritating both humans and pests. But in recent years bedbugs have reached epidemic levels of infestation in the Cleveland area.

Water Extraction Team understands your pain, both literally and figuratively. That is why we offer the fastest, safest and most effective bed bug extermination treatment available.

Why choose us for your Cleveland Bed Bug Extermination needs?

  • Our heat treatment for bedbugs only takes 24 hours, instead of weeks or months for traditional chemical solutions
  • Non chemical, non invasive bed bug elimination, no matter where they’re located in your home or property, no matter how many belongings you have where they could hide
  • Remote monitoring during the entire bedbug extermination process to ensure the correct temperature is maintained and that all bed bugs are killed.
  • Same day service so that we can exterminate the bedbugs immediately to prevent further disruption of your life
  • Locally owned family company that has served the Cleveland area for a decade
  • Call us 24/7 and speak to a live person
  • 10% discount for full cash payments

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